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Public Awareness

Raising public awareness

We develope seminars, performances, workshops, competitions, publications and campaigns to raise awareness on equal opportunities. Our aim is ensuring  quality and impact in its social environment.

This kind of actions prevent gender inequalities and help to generate new more egalitarian structures both public and private sector.

We deal and give advice about public subventions in Spain to each action.

We are able to offer a wide range of actions, and our maximum concerning is its adaptation to the required area:

  • Workshops on non-sexist sports at school
  • Workshops on exchanging sexist roles
  • Campaign to raise awareness for the purchase of non-sexist toys
  • Programme of interculturalism among indigenous women and immigrants
  • Promotion of female entrepreneurship
  • Programme of work-life balance
  • Workshops on gender-based violence awareness in secondary schools and colleges
  • Awareness campaign for prevention of sexual exploitation of women
  • Health programme in women at different stages of life: contraception, sexuality, infertility, pregnancy, climacteric
  • Awareness programme of work-life balance in companies