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Advantages and benefits

Advantages and benefits

The equality plans are a background document for the application and implementation of internal equality policies, as well as a document of great importance and social commitment that will allow you to improve your company in all aspects.

Consequences of the reduction/elimination of the costs of gender discrimination:

  • Reduction of absenteeism from work
  • Decrease of the rotation of workers
  • Improvement of productivity and the quality of the service provided

Arising from the growth and diversity management:

  • Greater opportunities for selecting and retaining talented people
  • Better adaptation to the market in the supply of products and services
  • Development creativity and innovation
  • Improving the flexibility of the Organization
  • Improving the image of the company to customers and general public

The equality plans, whose main purpose is to pursue the disappearance of discrimination of gender in companies, reconcile equality with diversity, improving your company.
The equality plans are not only an element of social justice or a legal obligation. The equality plans are also an important source of competitiveness for companies.