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In public administration

Equal opportunity plans

In public administration

The public administration, and more specifically the municipalities should be a reference in the implementation and coordination of policies and plans of equality. The Spanish Constitution states that: It is the responsibility of the public authorities to promote conditions ensuring
that freedom and equality of individuals and of the groups to which they belong
are real and effective, to remove the obstacles preventing or hindering their full
enjoyment, and to facilitate the participation of all citizens in political, economic,
cultural and social life.

This promotion can be realized in two areas:


Organic Act 3/2007, of 22 March, for the effective equality between women and men states that, with the purpose of putting into practice the principle of equal opportunities between men and women, sets out the obligation to develop equality plans for workers in the public sector. This obligation is reflected in the above-mentioned Act organic 3/2007, which directly affects the General Administration of the State and its public agencies; as in the Act 7/2007 of 12 April, of the basic status of public employee that involves all public administrations.


To promote equality at all levels of society, creating the so-called municipal plans of equal opportunities (PMIO) that follow a similar methodology to the established the equality plans in companies.

A PMIO is a working paper which represents a commitment to gender equality on the part of a consistory and main municipal social agents: political parties, trade unions, associations, etc. This plan includes future actions designed to deploy in a municipality for the benefit of gender equality for a certain period.

This range of commitments shall be recorded in writing. They may be integrated in a single document or separate (recommended).